How to choose a quality vacuum cleaner

There are many different manufacturers, types and models of vacuum cleaners. It is important to make the right choice this irreplaceable in the household device. Clean and tidy housing create a favorable atmosphere as you know, dust is very harmful for the body. So cleaning the house is very important. One of the characteristics of the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner is power. One should distinguish between power consumption and cleaner suction dust. Power consumption vacuum ranges from 1300 to 2000 Watts. Power consumption provides an estimate of the vacuum cleaner in terms of energy consumption, ie allows us to estimate the electric load on network. Maximum power consumption is valid for a few seconds after turning on the vacuum cleaner. It is considered that the higher power consumption, the best vacuum cleaner collects dust. Vacuum cleaning efficiency has no such direct dependence on power consumption, because this efficiency is influenced by many other indicators. So, several vacuum cleaners with the same power consumption can have different input power. Suction power ranges from 250 to 480 Tues. By suction cleaning efficiency depends, as more suction power, the better it will be removed the carpet, the more difficult to knock the dust will draw a vacuum cleaner. That is, than more suction power, then better. Usually distinguish between the average effective suction power and a maximum suction power. Average effective suction power is the ability of device for a long time with a certain capacity to suck dust. It is determined after the first 5 minutes of vacuuming. The maximum suction power is the power with which the vacuum sucks the dust the first few minutes. It is usually 15-30% more than the average effective power absorption. This is the highest rate suction power. Average input power decreases as the pollution and fill the bag. Consumers often can choose the power of the vacuum cleaner using the power switch, depending on the degree of contamination of cleaned housing. Therefore it is better to buy a vacuum cleaner with more power and using power control to use it not at full power for contaminated surfaces with little dust than overtax the vacuum cleaner with a small suction.