Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum has become indispensable in every house. This device allows you to quickly and accurately make cleaning the house. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners. The number of manufacturers is constantly growing and the production of these devices is improving. Vacuum cleaner with a built-in bag includes models with a filter bag, dust collector, which at harvest is delayed and collects dust, dirt and other small particles. Dust collector is usually installed inside the vacuum cleaner. There are two main categories of dust collectors. Permanent fabric dust collectors reside inside a vacuum cleaner and shaken as the filling, then, set back into the cleaner. Constant dust bags are made of cloth and inefficient, since only delay the larger the dust, spraying in the air after cleaning up the dangerous fine dust, allergens and saprophytes. Replacement dust bags made ​​of paper or a composite nonwoven material, and washed or thrown away when filling, after which a vacuum is inserted into a new bag. Model of non-woven dust collectors of good quality can detect dust to 0,3 microns. The following is a kind of vacuum cleaners is cyclone. This includes models with integrated filter, cyclone, in which at harvest is delayed and collects dust, dirt and other fine particles by using centrifugal forces. Cyclone vacuum cleaners do not use a garbage bag, instead, the dust falls into a cylindrical receptacle which can be separated from the vacuum cleaner. Air and dust fall into the tank at a tangent to its walls, creating a vortex. Centrifugal force presses the dust to the edge of the tank, and clean air from the center tank passes through a cascade of increasingly fine filters and discarded. The principle of filtering with aqua filtering based on spraying the air flow in the tank with water. There are two main types with aquafiltering: bubbling and separator. In the bubbling devices, intake air passes through a flask with water, heavy dust retained directly in the tank with water and outlet air is filtered by porous filters. In the best modern treatment systems, except water filter uses a special separator. Cage design varies between manufacturers. Vacuum for cleaning embedded user connects a hose to the harvesting air outlet. Air outlet with the help of piping connected to a power unit (motor, air pump, separator and garbage). The power unit is activated automatically after connecting the hose to the air outlet. Air flow dust is sucked into the brush passes through the hose, air outlet ducts and enters the power unit. Dust is separated from the air through various filtration systems, and remains in the garbage. Purified air with fine, refractory dust filtration removed out through the exhaust air duct.