Vacuum is a top aide in cleaning

Vacuum is a device that creates a negative pressure air using an air compressor that allows him to suck dust and dirt, dust filter system is going inside a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner is commonly used for cleaning floors and carpets at the housing. The main units are the modern vacuum cleaner motor, fan and air cleaner, mounted in the body that is equipped with a corrugated hose with different attachments. Modern filters can remove not only dirt, but also finely dispersed allergens. Vacuum cleaners are interior, hand-held, backpack, automobile, brush, vacuum cleaners, etc. The most common floor cleaners are those devices that are used to clean houses. By way of recycling the dust vacuum cleaners are divided into different types of: with a bag (dust collector), with the container and the model with water filter. The main characteristics of a vacuum cleaner are suction and power consumption. According to the power supply vacuums are powered by an AC power source and powered by automotive DC network. Suction pipe can be divided into different types depending on the material production and construction. Due to the material of manufacture, they are metal and plastic pipe. And almost all manufacturers now prefer the metal. It is more reliable and convenient. Depending on the design of the suction pipes are prefabricated (ie, assembled from individual tubes) and telescopic (working on the principle of the telescope: nominated and recorded in a comfortable position for you, as you adjust the length). Telescopic pipes are naturally more comfortable – they are released now for cleaning curved pipe particularly hard to reach places. Modern manufacturers never cease to amaze us with a wide variety of nozzles. Usually a few tips are supplied with the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes you can buy require additional attachments. Be sure to check with the seller, which ones are suitable for your vacuum cleaner. The standard nozzles include nozzle for floors and carpets, which has a switch. As a result, the bristles that is put forward, and then hides. These brushes may have wheels, which facilitate the movement of the brush. Sometimes, in such nozzles can adjust the length of the bristles. High- quality vacuum cleaner is equipped with air-filter system and a range of different nozzles.